Artichoke & Corona Virus

Artichoke & Corona Virus

Artichoke’s mantra has always been that you should feel good as well as look good and as Lockdown eases we see no reason to change this. We want to continue to make your experience with us a relaxed & fun as it has always been, even if it means a slightly different way of shopping with us.

If you are happy to come in & shop as normally as is possible in the current situation we are open, so please walk through the door, we can’t tell you how pleased we will be to see you. However we have put in place virtual & by appointment shopping for ladies who for one reason or another are not quite ready to do this.

Please read on to find out what we are doing to keep both our staff & customers safe. If you have any suggestions or feel that we have missed something vital please feel free to let us know.

Like many other businesses this is new territory for us as well as our customers. If you feel that we have not quite got things right please let us know. 

Opening Times

We are open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10m to 4pm. On Wednesday afternoons we are offering Virtual & By Appointment shopping so you may find that the shop is closed at some points during the afternoon.

One Way System

We are not operating a one way system but only allowing four customers in the shop at one time. Please before you enter the shop make sure there are not more than three customers in it already. If there are already four customers in the shop please remain outside until one leaves.


Upon entering our shop please use the disposable gloves provided for you to use during your visit. Whilst we may not always be wearing them, all members of staff have access to a face masks & disposable gloves. If you would like them to be worn during your visit please let us know.

Paying for your goods

You will notice that there is nothing on our desk apart from a card processing machine and a transparent screen. When you would like to make a purchase we will ensure that there is always a 2 metre distance between the two of us, which may mean we have to ask you to step back at certain times. After each customer our desk & card processing machine will be sanitized.

Staff Hygiene

Our staff will wash either wash or sanitize their hands or gloves after serving each customer. This may mean that it takes slightly longer for us to be able to serve you so please bear with us.

Shopping for Vulnerable Customers

If government advice allows you to visit us but you feel vulnerable please take advantage of our closed shopping sessions. By appointment you are able to visit us when the shop is closed to other customers. These sessions will between 1pm & 4pm on Wednesday afternoons. If you are not able to make either of these days please let us know & we will arrange for you to visit either before after the shop is open on an alternative day.

If you have been advised by the government not to, or are feeling very vulnerable about leaving home, please take advantage of our virtual shopping service. You can visit our shop via Facetime, Zoom or another platform. During your allotted time with us we can either take you on a tour of the shop, put together a selection of items for you, try garments on for you – even do a jeans fitting with you. You can then either order online, over the phone or by paypal invoice & we will pop the items in the post to you.

Our virtual shopping service will also work well for our online customers who love too far away from Swaffham to be able to visit us in person

We know that you & your girl friends like to shop together as part of a day out. In order to ensure that we can allow you all in the shop at one time, if there are three or more of you, why not consider giving us a call so that we can arrange a time for you to have a private viewing.

Please call us on 01760 724948 to arrange one of these options

 Customer Fitting Rooms

Two of our customer fitting rooms remain open. They will be cleaned between each use. We will ask you to re-hang items yourself before placing them onto a separate rail once you have tried a garment on where they will stay for 72 hours before being returned to stock.


Any returns that we receive through the post are left unopened for a further 24 hours ensuring that when we do open the parcel at least 72 hours have passed since the garment was touched so it can be put straight back into stock.

Items that are returned to the shop will be kept in a separate area for 72 hours before being put into stock.


Except in exceptional cases please note that our toilet is not available for customer use.


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