Meet The Artichoke Girls – Marija

Meet the artichoke girls - marija

Say hello to the woman behind the voice.

Marija swears that she has a face for radio which is why you never see her in a video & this is the only photo we have been privilege to. She has asked that we point out that this is not her usual attire but we will leave what is to your imagination.

We did think it was time you all got to know her a bit better so this week’s homage to Vogue’s 73 questions is dedicated to her, starting as always with the two most important questions to mankind. Ooops we forgot to say she is married & is a Japanese & American resident as well as being a British citizen.

Diamonds or Pearls

Always diamonds (my birth stone)

Big knickers or small knickers.

Big knickers

What was the first album that you ever bought.

(I think) Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out’ or possibly David Bowie’s ‘Diamond Dogs.’

 Who is your favourite designer?

I don’t have one favourite designer, but I love how fashion develops hand-in-hand with the influence of music/street trends

What was the biggest lesson that you learnt from your mother.

 An ounce of kindness is worth more than a sack of gold (and how to cook!)

What was the biggest lesson you learnt from your father.

That perhaps, after all, he did know best (and how to grow vegetables).

What is your desert Island makeup item.

Not strictly make-up, but I would hate to be without my perfume.

What is your desert island skincare item.

Coconut oil – good for skin, hair and cooking!

What would you never wear.

A bikini

What is your favourite item of jewellery.

My mother’s gold chain bracelet.

Who is your favourite artist

I don’t really have a favourite artist, but have loved visiting the Summer Exhibition at the RA where anyone and everyone may submit their work – my favourite year was when Grayson Perry curated the exhibition and, following his Art Club series during and since lockdown, have found he and his work have grown on me.

What do you normally eat for breakfast

Three espressos

What is your favourite food

What is the oldest item of clothing in your wardrobe

A vintage, hand-made embroidered red silk man’s dinner jacket bought in 1985 (a charity shop find before it was ‘chic’ to shop in one!)

What is your favourite family heirloom.

My father’s hat – from his childhood (1920s) and was part of his traditional Serbo-Croatian dress.  Treasured and protected during WWII by his mother while he fought for his country.  As a child I would plait the tassels into braids and trace the hand embroidery with my fingers.

What is your favourite flower.

Blue Moon rose

What is your favourite museum or art gallery.

Victoria and Albert museum

Do you have any animals?

Not anymore, but once we had a menagerie that comprised 39 chickens, 2 cockerels called Elvis and Charlemagne, Jasper the labradoodle and Gus – a cat with attitude!

Who is the most famous person you have ever met.

John Hurt (and, co-incidentally, Bob Champion)

What is your favourite item of Artichoke Clothing.

My Bariloche blazer

Shoes or handbags.

Shoes, shoes and shoes

What are you reading at the moment.

I’ve got three on the go at the moment:  Richard Osman’s ‘The Thursday Murder Club’, Michael Ondaatje ‘Divisadero’ and Annabel Abbs ‘The Language of Food.’

What do you not like eating.

Fast food

What is your favourite drink.

A nice chilled Vouvray

What is the best part of your job.

Being a small part of the process that may boost confidence, and transform how someone feels about the way they look, simply by finding the right fit and style for them.

How would you like to be remembered.

Mad, bad and dangerous to know (but more likely to be nutty, naughty and peculiar!)

What is the greatest invention of all time.   

Birth control

Heels or flats.

Killer stilettos

How do you get dressed in the morning.

Depending on the night before, I can veer between calmly considered and blind panic

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