A Virtual Visit to Donna in her Norfolk Tortoise Garden

A Virtual Visit to Donna in her Norfolk Tortoise Garden

Whilst most people during lock down are virtually visiting The National Theatre or The British Museum our cultural trip this week is to catch up with Donna in her Norfolk Tortoise Garden. As well as being a part time fashionista, Donna is a world expert on tortoises & on this lovely sunny day she welcomed us into her tortoise sanctuary. If you would like to visit The Norfolk Tortoise Garden once it re-opens in July please give us a call on 01760 724948 & we will pass your details on to Donna so she can make contact with you.

Apologies for the sound in some parts of the video – Yet another Artichoke Technical hitch. I zoomed in with my phone so you could see some baby tortoises  & couldn’t work out how to zoom out again, so in order for you to see her head when she was speaking had to stand a long, long way away. Anyway if you turn up the sound & put your head to the screen you will be fine!



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