Absolute Truffle from Temple Spa – A Review by Michaela Franklin

Absolute Truffle from Temple Spa – A Review by Michaela Franklin

You have probably heard both Sarah and myself praising the Truffle Range – and quite rightly so!  They are the Rolls Royce of skincare products.  Every year as part of the Christmas gift range, you can treat yourself to Absolute Truffle – which includes the entire truffle range of products for the face.

Eye Truffle is a cashmere creme, rich in luxury ingredients and peptides. It helps to visibly tighten and tone the look of the skin around the eyes while replenishing and revitalising.

Skin Truffle is a luxury moisturiser that brings immediate radiance as well powerful hydrating benefits. It’s a recipe of all things associated with celebration – black summer truffles, champagne, diamonds, strawberries, chocolate, gold and silk, combined with skin boosting peptides to help reduce the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles

Truffle De-Light is an ultra fine hydra-gel moisturiser. It’s weightless silky texture leaves the skin smooth, matte and cool. Rich in amino acids, minerals and skin-valuable sugars, it helps to tone, balance and moisturise your complexion.

Truffle Noir is a luxurious moisturiser that helps prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and firms the skin by replacing lost moisture. Apply at night and wake up with visibly brighter skin!

Trufflelixir is a super luxe luminosity serum which firms and plumps thanks to the retinol, black diamonds and silk peptides.

Trufflesque – a hydrating radiance mask, which replenishes and plumps with pure gold, black truffles and diamonds. Truly a face lift in a jar!

Each collection contains approximately 3 months use of each product (select either Skin Truffle or Truffle De-Light for your daytime moisturiser). This can all be yours for £65.00 (value approximately £120.00) so it really is a great opportunity to try the full range. Treat yourself to Absolute Truffle from now until the end of December or until stocks last and your name will go into a draw to win a gift from me!  Visit my website to see the full range of Christmas gifts and products http://www.templespa.com/michaelafranklin or message me via my Facebook page – Michaela Franklin Temple Spa



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