Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans from Anna Montana

Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans from Anna Montana

Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans from Anna Montana are Artichoke owner Sarah’s favourite jeans.

‘If I am not in a pair of Stehmann trousers I will be wearing my faithful Angelika Jeans. My oldest pair are now eight years old & I am still wearing them’. I really wouldn’t wear anything else.

Why do I love them so much?

  • They accentuate the good bits & hide the parts that I dont want on show!

Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans from Anna Montana

As is apparent from the twisted fly this is not a model shot! It is a selfie of me sent to Amanda who works in our Ely shop to say thank you for the fake Gucci belt that she bought for me when she was in Dubai in the summer.

The reason I am sharing it with you is to demonstrate how well these jeans fit. In real life my tummy is bigger than my hips not that you can tell from this photo. It is hidden by a floaty shirt with a jacket over it to disguise my tummy & a wide belt which flattens it BUT most of all there is no muffin top. This is because with their 7% stretch they are tight enough to fit close to my leg but stretch to go over the tummy.

  • They fit different shapes

If however you are like Christine who has a small waist & a bigger bottom & thighs they fit into her waist but will stretch over the bits she needs them too!

Have a look at the photo below, here Christine is wearing a pair of blue/black jeans she has pulled from stock

Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans from Anna Montana

  • They are incredibly comfortable to wear

As well as making you look good these jeans feel great as well. Again with their magic 7% stretch they move with you & when you have a meal grow with you as well. The first time I met my parents in law was for a pub meal & never being a girl who pushed a lettuce leaf around the plate I ate so much that I had to undo the top button of my Levis so I could fit my pudding in – if only I had worn Angelika’s then!





Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans from Anna Montana

  • They wash & wear well

Providing that you ignore the manufacturer’s instructions & wash them on a cool wash & don’t tumble dry them, these jeans will last for years, the colour will remain true for longer too. As I have already said my oldest pair are now eight years old in fact I think that I am wearing them in this photo. Because I like faded jeans I tend to wear my older ones more often than the new. Every year however I have a pair of white 7/8 Angelikas & because of the colour & the weather these do get popped in the tumble drier which means the stretch (to use a technical term) gets knackered & they lose their shape after a couple of seasons.

Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans from Anna Montana

  • You don’t have to wash them to get the shape back

Unlike cheaper jeans you don’t have to wash them to get them back into shape. Although they stretch to fit you, they don’t bag at the knee or bottom.

Angelika Jeans retail at £69 & because of this we have lots of customers who used to buy NYDs. Not only do they prefer the price but the fit as well.

Online they are available in a 32″ leg in blue black & black, however in the shops we carry a range of seasonal colours which you can order by calling 01760 724948. In the summer they do a 7/8 jean which is 27″ long, so if you have little legs call us in March for colour & size availability!

If you havent had these jeans before & would like some advice about which size to buy please give us a call & we will be happy to advise you over the phone.


You have read a few of the reasons why I love my Angelika Jeans it would be great to hear from you why you love yours (with photos too if you are brave enough) Please either comment below or drop us a line at – We look forward to hearing from you X

“They are a perfect fit”

“Well what can you say about them. They are simply comfortable and stylish.”

” I would not dream of buying any other brand. Love ALL mine!!!”

” They are beautiful jeans.” 






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  1. Vanda newman says:

    Could you please put me on your mailing list. Are these Angelica Jeans the same ones as advertised on ITVon 25.1.19

  2. artichoke girls says:

    Hi Angela I am sorry it has taken a while to get back to you – somehow you have slipped through the net. The best way for us to be able to talk you through the styles we have available is by you giving us a call on 01760 724948

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