Arianne Poole at Artichoke

Arianne Poole at Artichoke

Take three technically challenged women & ask them to do a Facebook Live miles apart& you come up with zoom. We hope that watching the video is less traumatic than it was making it!

As you know Ariane has worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world as well as appearing on & working behind the scenes on many TV programmes. It was during this period that her career took another turn as she realised that there were many more women who would like confidence boosting makeup as well as techniques & tips on how to use it & so Ariane Poole Cosmetics was born. 

She does weekly makeup tutorials with ‘real’ women on Instagram & has started popping some on Facebook too, they are entertaining as well as informative, you can find her across all social media channels as @arianepoolecosmetics.

Ariane has kindly given all Artichoke Girls a code that can be used three times per person before February 15th on her website

Ariane Poole Cosmetics

it is ART20.

If you would like information about the products that Ariane & Donna used follow the links listed below:


Hydrating Foundation Primer £27

Ultimate Face Tint Medium £29

Donna use her own brow products but Ariane suggests either the Brow Balm in Deep Brunette £18.50 or the Brow Duo in Dark Brunette £27.50

Eyeshine in Mystic Graphite £18.50

Gel Eye Pencil in Mystic/Graphite £17

Luxury Mascara £18

Lip balm with Gel Lip Pencil in Neapolitan over the top of the balm £17

New Lip & Cheek (not out yet)


Brow Mascara Blonde £18.50

Eyeshine Topaz £18.50

Gel Eye Pencil Baroque/Brocade & Sienna £18.50

Luxury Mascara £18

Blush Duo Creme Carmel £26.50


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