Artichoke – The Jean Genies

Artichoke – The Jean Genies

We are known for selling great jeans in lots of shapes, lengths & sizes & daily have customers leaving the shop delighted to have found a jean that they look & feel great in without having had to take out a small mortgage to buy them. Not everyone however has heard of Swaffham, let alone be in driving distance of it so we asked a few friends to help us put together a socially distanced video to explain which styles they did & didn’t like & why. The result is this video which we had a lot of fun making, hopefully you will have as much watching but also gain a good idea of which jeans would suit you & why.

If you cant make it into the shop & would like us to help you choose your (hopefully) perfect pair of jeans why not book a virtual shopping session with us? This can either be done on Facetime, Zoom or WhatsApp & if you are a complete technophobe we can always do it over the phone! Give us a call on 01760 724948 – we are ALWAYS happy to chat to you. If we dont pick up it is because we are with another customer so please leave a message & we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding links below the video to each style of jean, pointing you in the right direction of which shape might suit you as well as letting you know who loved it, who hated it & why.

Anna Montana Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans

Anna Montana Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans are our best selling jean both online & in our Swaffham shop.

Featured by stylist Mark Heyes three times now on Lorraine , we are confident that if you do not already own a pair you will be an instant convert as with a mid rise & lots of stretch these jeans make you look as well as feel great.

The 7/8 s are worn by Donna, an hour glass who just makes 5′ . Sarah is an inverted tri-angle & wears a size 12, 32″ inside leg with a turn up & is 5’7″ with short legs. Sandy wears a size 18,  32″ inside leg without the turn up as she is nearly 6′ tall  We all love our Angelika Jeans, probably because of the stretch which means they make you look & feel great but you can still eat in them!

As you can see we all have pretty good pins & relatively narrow hips. If you have footballer legs or big knees forget these & be wary if you have a proportionately small waist as we have a far better option for you.

Angelika, the not too skinny, skinny jeans are available in a 32″ leg length from size 8 to 20.

Anna Montana Jump in Jeans

Anna Montana Jump In Jeans are the jegging that thinks it’s a jean & our number two selling jean. They are a pull on jean with a soft cotton top & are cut to follow the line of your leg. They have a high rise & lots of stretch & are available in a 30″ leg.

They are not great on pear shaped women as they leave a gap at the back but work for most other shapes & are BRILLIANT for apple shaped women.

This jean is available in lots of colours, not all of which we stock, so if you cant find the colour you want online please let us know & if they have it, we will order it from Germany for you – this applies to all Anna Montana jeans.
In the video they were worn by Donna & amazed us all as although they would need shortening, she looked great in them, Sandy who was also surprised at how much she liked them although we probably should have put her up a size & Sarah loved the shape they gave her. Christine who is pear shaped looked great, thought they were comfy but had a very big gap at the back.
We all have fairly good legs & as the material is quite thin these would definitely not work if you are conscious of your knees, calves or thighs – but if you have a tummy & great legs they are perfect for you, especially if you want a soft, comfortable waistband.

Stark Body Perfect Jeans

Stark Body Perfect Jeans at £89 we think should be our best selling jean. They are a skiny jean with a bottom & thigh cut into them.  With a high rise & lots of stretch they are very comfortable to wear. They are available in two colours dark blue & a slightly faded black, in two lengths 29″ & 32″ & we always have a 7/8 version in the summer.

This section of the video starts to demonstrate how much your choice of jean depends on your taste & personal style. They are Donna’s favourite jean as she loves a tight jean but although we thought Chris (who is 5’7″, a size 12/14 hour glass figure but with footballer legs – she played a lot of hockey when she was younger so still has very firm calves!) looked great in them she wasn’t happy at all as she prefers a straighter leg.

Christine had to go up a size so was wearing a size 14 rather than her usual size 12 to avoid cutting off the circulation in her legs, once this was done however she loved them as they fitted into her waist & by rolling them slightly it it stopped her looking like a windsock – her words not ours. The darker colour with a flash of ankle gives her balance making her hips look smaller. Sarah wore the Body Perfects & on her they look like a boyfriend cut so although she really likes them the consensus was she should stick to her Angelika Magic Stretch

Anna Montana Julia Jeans

Anna Montana Julia Jeans are great for women with waists, bottoms & thighs. With 3% stretch they are a firmer jean than the stretch ones you have read about so far. They are available in two leg lengths, 30″ & 32″ & we still have a few 34″ left in our sale.

This little section of the video absolutely proves the point that when buying jeans or indeed any item of clothing the size that is written in the label is absolutely irrelevant. What you need to do is find a shape that suits you in a size that is comfortable.

Chris (size 12/14)has worn these in the past but lockdown pounds meant that she couldn’t get her usual size over her thighs – if we had brought a larger size with us however you would have seen how good they look on her. Sarah (size 12/14) who has no waist had to go up to a size 16 to get them done up, the size 8 were falling off Donna (size 8/10) but they fit Christine (size 12) beautifully & are her favourite jean.

Anna Montana Dora Jeans

Anna Montana Dora Jeans were designed for ladies who like a loose fitting jean with a bit of stretch in the waistband as they have a partially elasticated waist HOWEVER they look amazing on pear shaped women as not only do they hug your bottom & thigh but the elastication pulls the waist in at the rear so unlike most, these jeans actually fit into the small of your back. We offer them in two lengths 28″ & 30″ with limited availability in 32″. As always we are happy to order in colours that we are not stocking from Germany on your behalf.

Now here is what the models thought. When I first suggested to Chris that she tried them, she said she was too young to wear old ladies trousers, but as they were the first ever pair that fitted the small of her back, she now lives in them. Christine chose them as the jeans she would least like to wear but once she had them on was amazed at how good they looked on her & love the fact that they fitted the small of her back. The final model was Sandy & these jeans are designed for her shape. She thought that they would be a great jean for her in the winter as she could get her boots under the slightly wider leg & as you can see, she looked great in them.

Stark Ronja Jean

Stark Ronja Jeans are high waisted, with a straight leg & enough stretch to cope with tummies, bottoms & thighs so cover a multitude of sins for the woman who likes a slightly wider leg. They have 7% stretch, so feel very soft on the skin & available in 29” & 32” leg.

On to the models. Donna just looked ridiculous. Chris looked & felt fabulous in them – she loves the fact that despite their softness they keep their shape as you wear them. It was the first time that Sandy had ever worn them & she was an instant convert!

So who loved what & who didnt ……

Donna – size 8 to 10 & 5′ loves Body Perfect & Magic Stretch jeans & was suprised by the Jump In Jeans

Christine – size 12 & is nearly 6′ tall loves Julia Jeans & would happily wear Body Perfect (& Dora once she has finished therapy persuading her that she can wear a partially elasticated jean!)

Chris is about 5’6″ & size 12 to 14 – she loves Ronja & Dora but definitely wont be wearing a Body Perfect!!!!

Sandy is almost 6′ &  lockdown size 18 & loves her Magic Stretch jeans but is a convert to Ronja & Dora.

Sarah is 5’7″ , a size 12 bottom half with a 16 top half & is sticking to Magic Stretch


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