Beauty is not just skin deep

Beauty is not skin deep

Apart from everything going south one of the most depressing things about ageing can be our skin changing, so many of us find we have pigmentation spots of one sort or another.

In the summer we popped a post on Facebook about Rosacea and one of our customers, Jill Robertson who is a Tropic Ambassador sent me some amazing photos which we thought might interest you.

Jill has very kindly agreed to give all Artichoke customers 10% discount on all orders for any Tropic product that they place with her by telephone before November 30th 2018.

Hi I’m Jill Roberson a Tropic Ambassador & follower of Artichoke, and saw the recent post Sarah put up on Facebook about rosacea.

I thought I would share the experience of a one of our customers, Charlotte, who recently converted to Tropic Skincare.

Charlotte has had rosacea for about nine years, since her first pregnancy and before that had ‘normal’ skin. It has made her very self conscious so much so that at one point she was cancelling all social occasions, it has also cost her a small fortune trying different brands of skincare products, none of which worked.

Charlotte has been prescribed antibiotics, covered her face with heavy makeup & tried food diaries to identify triggers – all without any long term success, finally at her doctor’s recommendation she tried Tropic Skincare & as you can see the difference has been astonishing.

Beauty is not skin deep


Freshly hand-made skincare and cosmetics, using natural ingredients.  There are no toxic chemicals, parabens, SLS/ALS, etc – see list on page 7 of the brochure.  They use a combination of natural ingredients that act as preservatives, but as such, they cannot be sold via the usual retail routes.  As such, they are sold via Ambassadors, who are able to hold Pamper events and 1-2-1 consultations.

All products have a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you hold a Pamper event you qualify for free goods equivalent to 15% of sales taken, or 10% cash donation to the charity of your choice.

The company was founded 5 years ago by Susie Ma and her business partner is Sir Alan Sugar

They have just announced that they are now a Carbon Negative company!

If anyone is interested in getting more information, or holding a Pamper they can contact me on my mobile 07500 918495 & receive 10% discount.

You can  place an order via online but I am afraid will not be able to receive the 10% discount

PS  Charlotte was so impressed with Tropic she has become a member of my team, as an Ambassador, sharing the Tropic Love.


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