Body Perfect Jeans from Stark

Body Perfect Jeans

Body Perfect Jeans. For a lot of  women the search for the perfect fitting jean is a journey that can last a life time.

This is because you have have wide hips or no hips, short legs or long legs, thick thighs, a thick middle or no middle & all of this conspires against you. The truth is however that with the right cut & a bit of stretch a jean that truly flatters your fabulous figure is out there & at Artichoke we endeavour to help you find it.

We stock a range of jeans in all shapes, sizes & lengths from which we can hopefully pull a pair that will be perfect for you.Today we looking at Body Perfect Jeans from Stark. 

One of the most common complaints from pear shaped women is that jeans that are large enough to accommodate their bottom & thighs are then too big around the waist. With a contour waistband & superstretch  these amazing jeans mean that you can (literally!) have your cake & eat it.

Body Perfect Jeans – High Rise Jeans that lift your bottom & flatten your tum.

Stark Body Perfect Jeans

As well as having a high rise Body Perfect jeans have an internal panel that lifts your bottom & flattens your stomach so accentuating your curves. The dark blue colour that we sell online makes you look thinner & your legs look longer. ‘Really?’ I hear you say & the answer is yes. Colour plays a hugely important role in disguising the bits of us that we would rather others saw less of.

Body Perfect Jeans – The not too skinny, skinny.

Stark Body Perfect Jeans

Body Perfect is the not too skinny, skinny jean that enables women who are conscious of their thighs to have an on trend rather than the sausage skin look. A lot of women avoid skinny jeans because they worry about drawing attention to their legs, the generous cut of these jeans gives them confidence to take the plunge & just go for it. So why don’t you?

To encourage you this is a customer of ours  in a pair of size 14 short fit jeans – doesn’t she look amazing?

Body Perfect jeans from Artichoke












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