Covid Update – July 19th 2021

Covid Update – July 19th 2021

As ‘Freedom Day’ approaches we thought it might be an idea to update you on our Covid Policy from July 19th.

  • As a customer you will no longer be required to wear a mask whilst shopping at Artichoke however all members of staff will continue to do so & we will maintain social distance where possible.
  • We will keep our screen on the desk in place.
  • We will remove the limit of four people in the shop at one time however if we find that we are not able to maintain social distancing due to the level of customers in the shop we may ask customers to be patient & wait outside.
  • You will only be asked to use gloves whilst shopping if you have recently applied sanitiser that hasn’t dried on your hands.
  • Two of our changing rooms remain open with a closed changing room between them so that distance is maintained.
  • If for any reason you are feeling vulnerable & would like to shop alone please make an appointment on 01760 724948 for a closed door session which would take place once the shop shuts at 4pm
  • From time to time as the infection rate changes some restrictions may be removed or more put in place. Please be assured that all times we have both our staff & customers safety in mind when making these decisions.

Thank you for your patience.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email us at or call 01760 724948


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