Dress Me! Zoom Meetings

Dress Me! Zoom Meetings

Our customer Ann Randall threw down the gauntlet for this episode of Dress Me. She is working for a well known British charity & in these covid days spends a lot of time on zoom meetings. She asked for tips on how to not only look her best but also to ring the changes with accessories.

As always we have popped links to the garments that are online below the video & if an item is showing as not online yet it is worth checking as it might be by the time you read this blog.

Stehmann Igor 680 Trousers

K-Design Sleeveless Top

Crepe V Neck Blouse from Erfo

Dazzle bead Necklace from Dante

Oversized Crew Neck Jumper £54- not online yet

Southwold Scarf £19 – not online

Animal Print Shirt

MXO Top £42 – not online yet

Pearls & Print Floral Blouse from K-design 

MXO Dress £4 not online yet

Aztec Stripe Shell Top

Yellow Palm Print Sleeveless Blouse from K-Design

Jump In Jeans

Silky Blouse

Loopback Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Donata Blouse – not online yet

Luca Tee £59 – not online yet

Tropical Blouse – not online yet


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