Embracing Elegance with Pale Blue

Embracing Elegance with Pale Blue

After a long winter of wearing darker hues, the arrival of spring calls for a fresh palette to lift our mood. Despite Pantone declaring the colour of the year to be peach, it is pale blue that has captivated designers and fashion enthusiasts alike, earning its place as a quintessential colour for Spring 2024.

A colour that is often associated with tranquility and sophistication, it is also a symbol of luxury and refinement & was featured on several SS24 runway shows including Stella McCartney & Fendi. As well as, of course, Artichoke! For us it is a strong story this season, working well with other colours in our collection.

So when, why & where would I wear it?

  • Pale Blue is a colour that exudes a sense of understated chic. Popping a Tallulah shirt under a blazer, with super stone jeans, loafers & gold jewellery just whispers (as Who, What, Wear says) wealth.
  • It possesses a versatility that few colours can match, working well in most wardrobes.
  • It complements a wide range of skin tones so can be worn easily, this is probably the reason why most men have a least one pale blue shirt in their wardrobe.
  • It is a refreshing departure from the rose pink & mint pastels typically associated with spring

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Shirts & Tops - Artichoke

The Pale Blue Tallulah Shirt

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