Free Vendeuse Service at Artichoke

Free Vendeuse Service at Artichoke

At Artichoke we do not offer style advice as we firmly believe that if you feel good you will look good, so when you come through our doors we will not be waving swatches in materials of many colours near your face to work out what you can or cant wear nor will we be telling you never to always wear a v-neck jumper because you have a large chest.

If however you would like a few pointers either for a particular outfit or to refresh your wardrobe we are on hand to offer you our opinion & the service is completely free because it is part of what we do as a vendeuse.

Below are some examples  of where we may be able to help:

  • Core Wardrobe Classics

From white shirts to denim, finding the perfect pair of trousers or a handbag that works for your life this season & beyond. We will try to help you find (& over time curate) the perfect wardrobe essentials for you.

  • Artichoke – The Jean Genies

Jeans are what we are known for. Having had a pair of our Angelika Magic Stretch jeans featured on Lorraine recently, for the third time in a year, they are the basis of our growing online business (& yes we do lots of consultations over the phone) as well as being the main reason that our customers travel to the shop in Swaffham from all over East Anglia & beyond. Currently we stock seven very different styles to offer you from a 27″ to a 34″ inside leg & can usually find a shape to suit you. We have occasionally admitted defeat  but not often!

  • New Season Updates

Let us help you update your wardrobe with a few pieces each season that will keep you on trend but work with your existing wardrobe for seasons to come.

  • Occasion Dressing

We are happy to help you find a posh frock for a day at the races or if you are fairly well down the pecking order as a wedding guest, but for mother of the bride (or groom) we leave this to the experts & are happy to recommend some fabulous Norfolk boutiques who do this properly.

  • Oh God I dont know who I am any more

We have so many changes in a lifetime. Moving from the city to the country, retiring from a busy work life, children leaving home & you having time to look in the mirror for the first time in twenty five years! All of these events might cause us to lose our confidence about lots of things including our wardrobe. We cant put your life back together for you but we can help you feel a bit better in it by helping you to chose a few items that bring you joy.

  • Gift Ideas

What do you buy the woman who has everything?

Something else!

Not a very PC answer I know but if you are stuck for gift ideas for girl friends, mums, wives, aunties, grandmas or daughters we are happy to help you select a gift for that special someone in your life

None of the above are part of a special ‘service’ that we offer – they are part of our job so please feel free to ask us for help, however daft you feel the question might be. We are always happy to play dressing up with you, although if we are busy doing the same with our other customers we ask for your patience whilst you wait unless of course you want to join in. The best days at Artichoke are when we have a gaggle of customers having a great time popping in & out of the changing rooms boosting each others confidence by genuinely telling each other how great they look.

On the other hand if you like to shop alone & in silence, beyond greeting you with an offer of help as you walk in & possibly chatting about something very unimportant & probably unrelated even to clothing, we promise not to mither you ……..



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