Have I told you I am going to Madrid on Sunday?

Have I told you I am going to Madrid on Sunday?!?!?

Here I am packing for my first proper holiday for nearly fifteen years and I am just slightly over excited. Watch the video to find out what I will be wearing.

Before I had my children I travelled all the time with my job but since they arrived & we moved to Norfolk I have barely left the county – It’s a disease you know! Anyway because I’m out of practice I appear to be taking my entire wardrobe with me.

Starting with the basics, huge knickers & the scaffolding I call my bras. It is different for every woman but you will know when you have hit the age when everything appears to be going south & when this does happen if you still want to look great the size of your knickers & the support function of your bras becomes far more important than how lovely you look  in them. Remember the glamour pusses of the 1950’s & the corsetrey they used to hoof themselves into & keep the frilly stuff for your boudoir. If you want to look super glamorous before you go on holiday or have a special occasion follow the link to Vanity & Me’s review of Shapeez – an all in one that I think I might give a go.

Next up – think about your core wardrobe. Because we are having a city break in Madrid, visiting of galleries, churches & palaces rather than lazing on the beach (& have the added bonus of being surrounded by lots of sophisticated & glamorous Spanish ladies) I am going for a more curated wardrobe than I would normally have on holiday. White Jeans are going to be my staple with tops, tees & jackets to mix & match. A couple of dresses have been popped in too just in case it is very hot.

Footwear as always is a nightmare as I am orthotic woman so ‘normal’ flip flops are out & if I never see another pair of fitflops again it wont be a day too soon. To the rescue come Vionics, a flip flop with an inbuilt orthotic (available at Artichoke & ArtichokeEly)

Thank you to James Lakeland, Anna Montana,  Cotton Brothers, White Label, Freequent. Dansk Smykkekunst, Sence, Bcharmd & Milano Italy for dressing me ❤ All these labels are available at Artichoke & ArtichokeEly.

Do let me know if you think I have made any glaring errors & it would be great to hear what you are popping in your suitcase this summer.

See you on the other side X

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