Igor 680 – The perfect 7/8 Trouser

Stehmann Igor 680 – The Perfect 7/8 Trouser

When we are not wearing jeans EVERYONE at Artichoke wears Stehmann Trousers & our favourite style is The Igor 680.

So why do we love them so much?

A couple of years ago we were doing a fashion show & as part of the spiel Sarah was telling the audience how The Igor 680 is not only comfortable enough to do your yoga class in but also smart enough to go out to dinner in as well when one of the models, a lady in her late fifites, piped up with ” Actually I think I could probably do the splits in them too ……” & proceeded to do so. Now whilst we would not recommend this course of action even if you are outside an accident & emergency department it certainly proves their versatility!

Stehmann IGOR 680 stretch trousers

So why do we love them so much?

They accentuate the good bits & hide the bad

With their high waist, no buttons or zip to create bulk The Igor 680 are an incredibly flattering cut, visually you go down a dress size. As you can see from this photo I have no bottom or hips, my biggest part is my tummy & these fabulous trousers stretch across this whilst remaining narrow enough in the leg to create a very flattering silhouette.

The magic is in the material – bengaline, which is a viscose mix, 72% viscose with 25% polyamide & 3% elasthane (the combination of which gives the stretch) means that like your jeans they are cool enough to wear in the summer & warm enough for winter, making them the perfect trans seasonal piece. The bengaline in Stehamann trousers is quite firm which means that the trouser keeps it shape whilst you are wearing it & to some small degree keeps you in shape too!

Stehmann IGOR 680 Stretch trousers in black

They fit different shapes & sizes

Donna has an hour glass shape, is a size 8 (I am a 12) & has little legs so wears her Igors as full length trousers as do almost 50% of the customers who purchase these trousers from us. She says that Igors are like marmite – you either love or loath them & if you love them you will probably end up with a pair for every day of the week.

Neither of us can understand what you wouldn’t like about them, although because they are quite a narrow cut if you are conscious of your knees or thighs you may not be quite as happy in these trousers as you would perhaps the Ina 740

Not only do these trousers look great, they are probably the most comfortable things that you will ever wear – seriously it feels as if you are going out to dinner in your pyjamas & the stretch means that you can eat too!

Because they look smart, are easy care & comfortable to wear they are a very popular choice for our customers who work in the medical & teaching professions. They are a great work trouser for most occupations.

They wash & wear well AND keep their shape

Like our Angelika Jeans the secret of these trousers lies in the stretch & providing that you look after this, these trousers will go on & on & on. Never tumble dry them, always wash on a cool wash & if you really feel the need to iron them please either use a tea towel or a teflon iron cover. (These are probably worth a blog in their own right. Google them & buy one – it will be the best £6 you have ever spent)

The Igor 680 retails at £58 with free P & P – a similar price point to a more well known brand but the difference in quality between the two is incomparable which is why we stick to Stehmann Trousers the original & the best.

Online they are available in a 27″ leg in blue black & black, however in the shops we carry a range of seasonal colours which you can order by calling 01760 724948.

If you havent had these trouesrs before & would like some advice about which size to buy please give us a call & we will be happy to advise you over the phone.

You have read a few of the reasons why I love my Igor Trousers it would be great to hear from you why you love yours (with photos too if you are brave enough) Please either comment below or drop us a line at sales@artichokecollection.co.uk – We look forward to hearing from you X