Meet The Artichoke Girls – Annabel

Meet The Artichoke Girls – Annabel

Annabel Simons is co-founder of the award winning online magazine, Annabel & Grace.

Reading Annabel & Grace is like spending time with your girlfriends – happy women who love sharing really useful ideas and inspiring stories. Their weekly online magazine for women is always upbeat, positive and pro-age.

Everything on their website aims to inspire women to feel fantastic and be the best they can be, however old you are.

Today Annabel joins us for our latest homage to Vogue’s 73 Questions – links as always below the video.

As you can tell we had a lovely time chatting the morning away – we will have to ask Annabel to return very soon as we still have loads of questions to ask her, meanwhile please find below some links to some of the website that Annabel mentioned.

Annabel & Grace Online Magazine – sign up for this great weekly magazine from their website

Preloved & Reloved Clothing – Esooko – Annabel’s son’s latest project

The Norfolk Skin Atelier – Jade Shelden

The M & S Body

If you cant find the item of particular interest to you just browse the mag online.

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