Meet The Artichoke Girls – Anne Marie

Meet The Artichoke Girls – Anne Marie (& learn how to lose lockdown & Christmas Pounds)

In this the latest chat with some of our fabulous Artichoke Girls, we are going to have a chat with my cousin Anne – Marie.
As well as finding out a bit more about her & her Slimming World Journey she will be on hand to give us a few tips & talk about the virtual classes that you can join at the moment. Grab a sugar free drink, leave the biscuits in the tin & join us for a lot of fun.
For those of you who missed this live, Anne Marie is as mad as a box of frogs but we had great fun chatting about our misspent youth (which is why we can’t afford to fall out😂), her wardrobe malfunction & of course, fat club.
As promised if you would like to talk to Anne Marie about joining her virtual Slimming World Group text her on 07985 221053 & she will give you a call back.


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