Meet The Artichoke Girls – Emma Adeane

We met first met Emma when she was manning the Ely Cathedral Rose stand at the wonderful flower festival that took place there couple of summers ago. When not volunteering her services to worthy causes she is the woman behind Gorgeous Alpacas, knitting kits & bespoke garments made from alpaca wool, as well as being a professional gardener & managing a small property portfolio. She is 57 &  lives with her husband of five years in Babraham near Cambridge & at 5’ 6 & size 12 she has an hour glass figure to die for.

So Emma, is it?

Big Knickers or small knickers

Big definitely, and preferably girl boxers

Diamonds or pearls


What was your first job

Publishing assistant for William Heinemann on weekdays, and Barkers of Kensington (bra department) on Saturdays

Is there a talent you wished you had

To sing in tune

Who is the most famous person you have met

Goodness, I can’t think. I always clam up when I meet famous people, as you can’t ask them normal questions, but perhaps Sebastian Faulks, Piers Morgan, or Sarah Raven would be up there.

Do you have any pets

Two cats (Antigone and Achilles), four ducks (Iris, Emily, Virginia and Sappho), five chickens (Charlotte, Rebecca, Belle, Venus and Nelson) and three alpacas (Jazz, Tor and Caesar)

Heels or flats

Only heels till I was 49, then suddenly, only flat

Who is your favourite designer

Karen Millen

What is your favourite article of clothing & why

Actually, it’s an animal print dress from Artichoke. It’s so cool, and I can wear it during the day with a denim jacket or on it’s own for smart evening wear

Name me three  of your desert island songs

I am hoping that I can have four & they are: Morning has broken – Cat Stevens, On My Own (Les Miserables) Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah, Cell Block Tango (Chicago)

How would you define beauty

By the warmth in a woman’s eyes and in her smile

Who does the DIY in your house

Me – I get power tools for Christmas

What song do you know all the words to

Cell Block Tango

What would you never wear

A boob tube

What is love

Love is a choice

Where in the world would you most like to go

Back to New Zealand

What is your favourite item from Artichoke

My animal print dress, but I also a James Lakeland black dress, and a gorgeous Pomodoro dress coat

What is the coolest thing you have ever done

Move to Manhattan without knowing a soul there

What is your favourite colour


What would you advice would you give your 13 year old self

Believe in yourself, and have a plan

What is your favourite food


Three things you always carry in your handbag

Pink lipstick, payment card, a pen

What you can’t live without


Do you have a vice

Many (alcohol, talking to friends all night, cheese)

Who was your teenage crush

Donny Osmond

Who is your style icon

Michelle Obama

What you like to be remembered for

Being a good friend

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