My Favourite Style Icons by Sarah

My Favourite Style Icons by Sarah

I bought my first copy of Vogue when I was twelve & have remained obsessed with style ever since.

Those of you who visit my home on a regular basis will find this difficult to believe as being married to a livestock farmer, with two dogs, endless sheep, cattle, pigs, two almost left home children & a deep aversion to housework, our house is the sort that you wipe your feet on the way out rather than the way in. There was a time however when I was so anal that one Christmas, having read in Elle Decoration that my gold themed Christmas absolutely would not work without them, I went all the way to Fortnums (which is a bit of a trek from West Norfolk) just to source my gold leaf sugared almonds!

These days I have a lot less money & a lot more sense but the way I & my surroundings look & feel are still incredibly important to me. In my fantasy life (the one where I split my time between yoga classes & art tours) I live in a single story clapboard building, painted white both inside & out, with beautiful cutting & veggie gardens, an orchard & a parterre. I waft around (when I am not gardening or making jam) in a lot of black whilst hosting lovely parties.

Meet some of the culprits that made me:

CoCo Chanel

I cannot remember when my love affair with all things Chanel started, I am pretty sure however that my obsession with black started at the same time. Sometimes I wonder how Chanel had time to design anything as so many witticisms are attributed to her, my favourite being

Dress Shabbily & they remember the dress; Dress impeccably & they remember the woman 

Many moons ago a dear friend bought me a bottle  Coco by Chanel I have not worn another perfume since, I wear her trademark lipstick all winter & my perfect present would be handbag. Perhaps one of you could whisper into Rob The Pigman’s ear!

Isabella Rossellini

I think Isabella Rossellini is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen – she looks just as fabulous now as she did forty years ago & I may be wrong but it seems with not a filler in sight.

At 65 she became the face of Lancome (again) after a break of 25 years, you may remember that she didn’t go quietly when she was sacked for being to old at the age of 42. I love her spirit, admire her ability as an actor & the fact that in her 60’s she is still acting, modelling, directing her own projects & has taken up a career in agriculture. She is an inspiration to us all.

Auntie Peggy



Auntie Peggy was my father’s eldest sister & old enough to his mother, she was until she died at the age of 102, a force to be reckoned with. We have photos of her asleep in the bar, wearing a mink coat at midnight on the evening of one of her three 100th birthday parties, for this the family one,she had flown to the UK from Switzerland.

I didn’t really know her until my early twenties but we became firm friends & remained so until her death. She is responsible for Clarins receiving a large proportion of my income for the past 35 years & the inspiration that style is not only possible at any age but essential for your self worth. Working until her mid eighties I think kept her young, maintaining a low carb diet with plenty of exercise into her nineties  kept her fit & as you can see from this photo taken in the 1950s even when walking in the mountains she always had a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

In all honesty I started this little piece as it is on a list of ‘blogs you should write about people who have influenced your style’ – having finished it however I realise that the three women I have chosen although stylish they certainly were, have probably influenced me more because they were strong & vibrant role models that we can all admire, showing that beauty certainly never is skin deep!

Who are your role models? Has anyone influenced your style & how? We would love to hear from you – either comment below or drop us a line at

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Style Icons by Sarah

  1. JANE POPHAM says:

    Such interesting reading Sarah. I too since the age of 18 have never ever used any other scent except Chanel. Started with No.5 and now have 5 different ones. Love it ????

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