Sarah’s Capsule Wardrobe for Spring 2021

Sarah’s Capsule Wardrobe for Spring 2021

Now that the Swaffham shop is open, Sarah is back in uniform mode, known amongst trendy young things as ‘a capsule wardrobe.’
As we bang on about it continuously, by now you should have got the hang of our mission to ensure that you build an edited, cohesive wardrobe full of items that you love.
Today Sarah is going to show you how she is moving this wardrobe or her ‘uniform’ into Spring 2021. She already has a lot of pieces from our ‘Core Collection’ but by adding just few pieces she is able to bring it on trend for Spring 2021.

As always if there is something that you see that your life is incomplete without I have popped links below the video to our shop. If the item isn’t online at time of publishing it may well be by the time you see this video so have a little look in our shop anyway – if you would rather talk to a human being please give us a call on 01760 724948.


7/8 Angelika Magic Stretch £66

Angelika Magic Stretch Jeans from Anna Montana £69

Igor 680 from Stehmann £58

Pheasant Pattern Shirt £59

Tessa Shirt in White £59

Stripe T Shirt from Pomodoro £29

Crew Neck Jumper with Button Detail on the Shoulder £40

Fine Gauge Cotton Roll Neck Jumper £59

Heavy Knit Gilet £58

Dark Denim Jacket from Signature £66

Loose Chambray Jacket in Tencel from Pomodoro £50

Stretch Cotton Skirt from Signature £55

Trench Coat – Models Own

Leather Jacket – Models Own

Faux Suede Chelsea Boots in Camel £42

Cathy Chambray Collar Insert £32.50

Fine Cotton Batik Dress from Pomodoro £74


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