Sun Damage & Visible Pores? Michaela Franklin & Temple Spa to The Rescue!

Sun Damage & Visible Pores? Michaela Franklin & Temple Spa to The Rescue!

Following the live Master Class that we did in the shop at the beginning of July, I was contacted by an Artichoke customer with her skin concerns asking for a little bit of help and advice. Her main issues were uneven skin tone caused by sun damage, visible pores and lines on her forehead and between her eyebrows.

My initial questions are always – what time in your day do you have for a skincare routine?  If you are a ‘wash and go’ kinda gal, then a more detailed process may not be for you. This lovely lady admitted to not always taking her makeup off (!!!), but generally having more time in the evening for a skincare routine.

I recommended a selection of products to give her good cleanse/tone/moisturise basics, plus a couple of extra items to target her specific concerns.

For her uneven skin tone she has Glowcolic vitamin C toner for everyday use to exfoliate built up dead skin cells and Most Revealing, the amazing weekly foaming wonder product for deeply purifying, re-texturising and correcting uneven skin tone.

She also has Be Clear, the skin correcting serum to clear, smooth and even skin tone. To prevent any further damage, she is now using Life Defence,   the day time moisturiser with spf30.

I am delighted to say that 6 weeks on from receiving her products, she has reported a big improvement to her skin and is enjoying a daily skin care routine (and hopefully taking her makeup off every evening)!!!

If I can help with any skincare concerns that you may have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best to recommend some products to help. Contact me via my Facebook page – Michaela Franklin Temple Spa, or visit my website for more details on all products as well as those mentioned above. Where I can, I will supply samples for all enquiries throughout the month of September.

Thank you

Michaela X

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