Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion is the new trend on the block.

A thought process led in the luxury market by Stella McCartney ( whose mission statement makes sound sense not just for the future of the planet but also for our society as a whole)  that is becoming more mainstream.

So what does a £2 T-Shirt or a wear it & throw it dress say about the way we live our lives?

During my daughter’s early teenage years I would occasionally enter through the doors of Primani with her – at this point the benefits of the £2 Tee were being shouted from the roof tops by every fashion editor from  Vogue to The Telegraph as the thing to do was mix couture with cheap as chips High Street fashion.

Walking two paces behind my offspring it was like descending into a very untidy hell full of hideous things that were being purchased purely because they were cheap. I was a social pariah muttering about the human (forget the environmental costs)  of such garments  in the presence of friends who were all thrilled to be able to buy something for under a tenner even if you only wear it once.

Fast forward ten years & the mood has changed – slightly. There is a lot of talk about the fragility of the planet. Everyone around me now sports a reusable water bottle alongside their (now cardboard) Starbucks coffee cups – the inability of a large proportion of the population to make their own beverages is probably a rant to be saved for another day – whilst hopefully beginning to consider the power & responsibility that we all have as consumers.

My real objection to throw away anything whether it be cups, clothing or furniture, apart from the impact on the environment & those who produce it, has always been & remains an aesthetic one.

Why would you buy a dress that you dislike so much that you only intend to wear it once?

Surely once you have got beyond the purely utilitarian purpose of clothing your decision on whether to purchase something or not should have some association with how much pleasure it gives you. And if you feel great in it why wouldn’t you want to wear it again & again? And if you don’t love it why are you buying it in the first place?

At  Artichoke each season we buy pieces that we love & hope that you will too. The pieces that we sell will not break the bank but are of a good quality that should last you several seasons & because we have a classic style should co-ordinate with garments that you have bought from us in years gone by.

Although we do not specifically seek to supply fair trade items, every garment that we buy, we do so from a family business such as our own & trust that they will source responsibly on our behalf.

I mention our suppliers as another aspect of sustainable fashion. It is something that we are so used to that we forget to talk about. Behind every brand that Artichoke stocks there is a small family business. Grenouille who design our shirts are a mother & daughters operation that is based in Bournemouth, Hemant & Noreen run Pomodoro from their premises in NW10 & all the Stehmann family are involved in their family run trouser business. This means that every time you buy  a garment from us not only are you feeding my children but theirs too.

Sustainable fashion ladies – buying pieces from a collection that has been carefully curated for you, items that you will treasure for years to come even if you have to pay slightly more for them which means that the cost per wear becomes pence rather than pounds.

These garments will sustain your soul as well as your wallet, the planet & a lot of small independent businesses.

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