Ten Essential Items For Spring 2022

Ten Essential Items for Spring 2022

In this video I quickly run through my existing ‘uniform’ or Core Wardrobe for Spring, showing you that by investing in a few pieces each year (and season, I bought my Bariloche Blazer in Autumn 2019) I have a built a Spring wardrobe that I love, find easy to wear & can look half decent in without much thought when getting ready for work each day. For this video I have not bought in my own wardrobe but am showing you current season items that replicate it.

I then add ten items that I am considering purchasing for this Spring & explain why. Some are annual replacements but others are for a special occasion or a way of moving my wardrobe in a slightly different direction.

As always if there is something that you see that your life is incomplete without I have popped links below the video to our shop. If the item isn’t online at time of publishing it may well be by the time you see this video so have a little look in our shop anyway – if you would rather talk to a human being please give us a call on 01760 724948.

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