What to Wear instead of Jeans without looking like an Old Gel!

What to Wear instead of Jeans without looking like an Old Gel!

There is a lot of interest in slow fashion at the moment, it is something that can be interpreted in many ways & the good news is that you don’t have to move into sackcloth & ashes to do your bit for sustainability.

Of course we want you to shop with us bur before you do please shop in your own wardrobe as well. Doing this means that over time you will build a smaller, more curated wardrobe full of clothes that you love & actually want to wear.

To help you channel your thoughts with a bit of wardrobe planning we are throwing down the gauntlet. We all have our ‘go to pieces’  – for Donna & Sarah it is jeans. This is because they are useful, practical & we both love the dressed down look that they create. For many of you at the moment it may well be joggers or god help us your pyjamas! For the next five days wear five items that you don’t often or haven’t worn this winter & put to gether two other alternative outifts that go with them.

Then put your slap on each day.

This will not only make you fell better but also weed out those items that you will never wear again at the same time.

So welcome to what to wear instead of jeans without looking like an old gel …….


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