Comments on a Postcard Please

Comments on a Postcard Please

We receive lots of lovely emails & messages each week telling us how much you love your new jeans or fabulous frock, thanking us for something we have done for you or telling us how much you are enjoying our styling videos. Every message or email we receive makes our day a little more special as we are always very grateful that you have taken the time to get in touch.

Paula (our ever patient website lady) has suggested that as well as putting a spring in our step, we ask you to use your comments to help spread the word about Artichoke, the lovely clothes that we sell & the service that we offer, so we have put a few suggestions below to make this easier for you.

Reviewing Items that you have bought online

If when you purchase from us online, you sign up as a customer rather than processing your order as a guest you are able to go back afterwards & review the product. We are always incredibly grateful to customers who take the time to do this for us as it helps us so much in Google Land.

Lynda has done a test drive for you & explained how to do it below:

It is very easy to leave a review of your favourite Artichoke items purchased from the website. You need to be logged into your Artichoke account (using the email address and password that you used to make your purchases) although normally it will leave you logged in from last time.

Go to the item you want to review (you will only be able to leave a review for any items you have purchased from the website) and scroll down to the review section. Click on the review section and you will be able to leave a comment in the review box about why you love it and anything you wish to say about the service from Artichoke as well as click on the star rating that you wish to give the item. Then click ‘Submit’ and your review will then show as pending approval for us to approve.

Reviewing the service that you receive from us

We have set up a section in our new Inspiration Page (which at time of writing is still a work in progress so please bear with us) where we are going to pop the wonderful comments that we receive from you either by email or messaged via social media, so next time you send us something dont be suprised if you are are asked if we can quote you. We will only reference you by your christian name so your privacy will be maintained.

Joining our Facebook Group @artichokegirls

Our Facebook group is not just where we pop all the new arrivals but where other customers share photos of their purchases. It is SOOOO brilliant for us to be able to see real women looking & feeling great in items that they have purchased from us & it also gives other real women confidence, helping them to see that you don’t have to be aged 18 with an eating disorder to look amazing too. We would love everyone to join this group & if you are happy to, pop photos of yourself on it.

Reviews on Facebook 

This is another way that can help us spread the word & it costs you not a penny, just a couple of minutes of your time. Just head along to our page, click on Reviews at the top of the page & follow the instructions.

Reviews on Google 

These are very simple if you have a Google account. You just google us, I always find Artichoke Swaffham the easiest thing to look for. When we pop up on the left hand side of your screen click on review & you will see that you can leave us one.

If we have not lived up to the standard that you expected of us

We would appreciate your telling us before you discuss it with the rest of the world.

At Artichoke we take great pride in the service that we offer our customers & if we have not come up to scratch will always attempt to rectify our mistakes.

Reviews are not just for us

Reviews are a great way to support all small businesses. As well as parting with your hard earned cash & recommending them to friends & family this is a simple way that you can support all small businesses & help us grow.


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