Erfo White Bib Collar

Erfo White Bib Collar

We introduced the Erfo White Bib Collar into the shops in Spring last year & they like the Stehmann Trousers & Orca Bay Shoes were so popular we have popped them online as well.

Family owned German Brand Erfo are renowned for making stylish blouses, dresses & jackets but these bib collars are our favourites. They are a brilliant work horse that will help to create very different looks with jumpers,dresses & jackets that you already have in your wardrobe as well as allowing you to wear items that you usually wouldn’t.

Create a different look

Erfo Bib Collar

Here we have a plain black dress that could be worn in the evening with sparkly earrings  court shoes. Alternatively as we show in the first picture it can be dressed down for day with tights, boots & a chunky necklace.

Have a look at the second picture – it is the same dress with an Erfo White Bib Collar underneath and a slightly more sophisticated necklace. A completely different look has been created. In fact I think you could be forgiven for note realising it is the same dress. Just by adding the collar you have completely re-vamped a dress that may have been hanging in your wardrobe for ages because you think it is a bit tired & everyone has seen it before.


Erfo Bib Collar

Help with wearing colours that otherwise would drain you

Have another look at these two photos. Many women as they age can no longer wear certain colours as they are draining, black being the main culprit. Can you see in photo number two, how the white of the collar insert lifts the black of the dress? Which means Cinderella you shall still go to the ball in your LBD rather than a pale pink monstrosity you hate but the colour suits you!

Do you hate your neck?

Erfo Insert CollarErfo Insert Collar

I am not sure that this is even age related but women either hate their necks or they don’t notice them. It is the same with arms.

However once you do decide you hate your neck it will be the last time it is ever shown in public. From then on it will either be encased in a polo neck jumper or swathed in scarves.

If you have a look at these two photos the problem of the wide neck jumper in a colour that is too dark for you is solved by the  Erfo White Bib Collar

A double whammy!


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  1. Celia Pheysey says:

    Hi Sarah
    Having been at the Lilac day on Wednesday and saw the white e collar.
    Can I buy one on line?

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