Should I buy that shirt?

Should I buy that shirt?

There are a lot of articles online & many books have been written about capsule wardrobes & the art dressing out of a small wardrobe. A principal that I thoroughly approve of as I have always worn a uniform of some sort, never having had time to plough through hundreds of garments trying to work out if a pink top will go with an orange skirt. This is why my working wardrobe is full of neutral garments which are jazzed up by either a pair of silver shoes or floral trousers. There is something quite puritanical however about not letting something that you love into your wardrobe just because it wont go with five garments that you already own especially when clothing is  such an emotive thing. I am absolutely positive that if you see a pair of shoes, jeans or earrings that you fall in love with at first sight they should go home with you whether you have the occasion to wear them or not. Bitter experience has taught me that when you want the perfect dress to be the perfect guest at the perfect event it will elude you. If however you do have your practical head on I recently read an article about wardrobe crafting & how to make garments work in different areas of your life as well as co-coordinating with your existing wardrobe. It made a lot of sense & put into words something that many of us probably already do subconsciously already So next time you are faced with the perfect white shirt (jumper,skirt or necklace) that is too beautiful for words but slightly outside your budget consider the following before you walk away.

Look at your lifestyle

We have different aspects to our lives but for many of us the days of ‘holiday wardrobes’ & dresses simply for parties are long gone. So when considering buying an investment piece consider how many parts of your life it would fit into, for the purposes of this example I am going to use my life & a white shirt & black leather biker jacket.

My life

Formal Attire  Not a huge consideration for me as I probably only don a posh frock once a year but both could work in this category for me. The white shirt could work with a tux jacket & the jacket would give dresses I already have an edgy look & feel. Night Out I do have the occasional airing & the white shirt would look great with the same tux jacket, jeans & a lovely pair of leopard courts that I have & the biker jacket would work beautifully over black trousers,my favourite sparkly James Lakeland top & some chelsea boots. Work My work outfit wouldn’t be that different from the night out,  possibly wearing the white shirt on it’s own in the summer & under a blazer in the spring – the jacket would be great with my more casual dresses through most seasons. Weekend casual White shirt & jacket still going strong, jacket over jeans & a jumper & white shirt with yet another pair of jeans. I do wear jeans quite a lot! Conclusion My two potential pieces of loveliness are no longer an extravagance but two work horses that work well in every aspect of my life & therefore worth every penny I intend to spend!

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