Influencing People

Influencing People

All of us are spending more & more of our time online.

Even technophobes like us find we are spending more time online not only talking about what we are up to at Artichoke but as well as reading magazines like Vogue, Country Living & Good Housekeeping we are also turning to Pinterest, Facebook or my personal favourite, Instagram for inspiration.

So with this in mind on Sunday I decided to pop along to a seminar to listen to some social media influencers talking about what they get up to in their virtual world.

They were very talented & very lovely but their lives had no relevance to mine which made me think a bit more about our virtual friends at Artichoke. If you are online looking for style inspiration, what to (or not) to wear, beauty tips, restaurant reviews or just a catch up with their lives, you might want to check out the following bloggers.

Vanity & Me

Influencing People - Vanity & Me










Laurie lives in West London, is 55, married with three children & eight grandchildren.

Her blog, Vanity & Me is all about fashion & beauty for the mature woman not ready to hang up her high heels – a women after our own hearts. As most of my salary goes straight to The Clarins Counter (don’t tell me husband as has no idea about this addiction, he think all my spare cash goes on shoes!!) I love her articles about beauty products & am incredibly jealous that she was asked to trial Trinny’s new capsule makeup range, Trinny London

Watch this space for more Vanity & Me news as Laurie has very kindly agreed to review our online collection of Dante Jewellery

Over The Hilda

Influencing People - Over The Hilda










Hilda aka Over The Hilda is an Irish blogger who is also a wife, mother, friend and confidante, sports enthusiast, lover of fashion, food, wine, theatre, travel and reading, and definitely someone who enjoys life.

Like Laurie she talks about lifestyle,leisure & beauty but being a bit of a grumpy old woman myself I love her rants & raves.

Hilda is part of the Fierce Fifty bloggers network – a group of age 50+ women who are refusing to lay down & die!

Muddy Norfolk

Influencing People - Muddy Stilettos Norfolk










A bit nearer to home is Muddy Stilettos Norfolk The editor, Helen,working mum of three, asks you to grab your stilettos and go with her on a journey to the coolest, quirkiest and most awesome restaurants, pop-ups, pubs, hotels, boutiques, shows, festivals, kids activities, spas, day trips and events across Norfolk. The blog is great for those of us who live here & invaluable for those of you who visit.

Not an extensive list I know but I am sure many of you will agree that there is nothing quite like the smell of a new magazine or the anticipation of sitting down with that magazine & a very cold glass of white wine whilst imagining what it would be like to live in a house with white walls & an eternity plunge pool ……. and anyway you cant read a blog in the bath!

Who are your favourite bloggers? Do you read any at all?

Let us know – it would be great to learn about Facebook & Instagram influencers that interest you too as I have a suspicion they might be a subject for another day.





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  1. artichoke girls says:

    We love everything that Laurie & Hilda write about. Muddy is a great read if you are thinking of coming to Norfolk & if you do please pop in & see us x

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