Meet The Artichoke Girls – Sarah

Meet The Artichoke Girls – Sarah

Now it is time to meet The Boss Lady, Sarah.

Married with two grown up children, Sarah is an accidental retailer. Before she had her children she worked for a shipping company & was the person who went into Bennetton & just shoved T-shirts back on the shelf never dreaming that one day she would be the woman refolding them, which proves there is such a thing as karma.

Sarah is 55 & lives in Norfolk. She is 5’7″ & a size 16 on the top half & a 12 on the bottom.

Big Knickers or Small Knickers?

H U G E – Bridget Jones at least one size too big will ensure you never have a VPL. So many ladies come into the shop & think the trousers they are trying on are too small because they can see a knicker line – it is not the trousers but their underwear that needs to be changed. Keep your lacy briefs for the boudoir!

Diamonds or Pearls?

Aspire to diamonds but wear pearls

What would you serve at your dream dinner party?

I wouldn’t. For the dinner party I held to celebrate my 40th birthday six of the twelve guests rang ahead with dietary requirements so I spent the day cooking something I would not have chosen myself. It was  the last dinner party I hosted.

What song do you know all the words to?

LIfe on Mars

What is your must have skincare product?

Everything & anything by Clarins

What would you never wear?


What is your favourite colour?

Indigo blue

Who is your fashion icon?

Chanel & Yves St Laurent

Can you tell 2 truths & a lie?

No I can’t lie

What is your favourite label?

That is a difficult question as I do the buying for Artichoke so it might be easier to tell you what I am wearing this season which are an Erfo dress, a White Label bomber, the best James Lakeland blouse ever.

White Label bomber jacket

James Lakeland blouse at Artichoke










Where is the most exotic place you have ever been?

Nevis. Before the flight strip & big hotels were built I spent a weekend in one of the plantation houses on the island. It was magical.

How do you drink your coffee?

I don’t drink coffee – it was the only thing I went off when I was pregnant & I haven’t touched the stuff since.

What is love?

……..” Never having to say sorry?”

Are you house proud?

I am afraid you have to wipe your feet on the way out of my house not on the way in!

What advice would you give to your 13 year old self?

Stop worrying about not fitting in. When you grow up you will meet lots of other oddballs who will become friends for life & are far more interesting & fun than the people you are trying to be like

Heels or flats?


What clothes do you feel most comfortable in?


What do you like most about Ely?

I love Ely. It is the secret jewel in Cambridgeshire’s crown. Obviously everyone knows about the cathedral which is in Architecht Digest’s list of the world’s top ten most beautiful churches, but there are lots of amazing Independent shops, a riverside to amble across & it’s best kept secret is free parking!

Is Leopard neutral?

Actually yes. Despite being an Essex Girl I am a late convert to animal print of any kind but now I have a faux leopard belt, shoes & a fabulous pair of  leopard print Stehmann trousers.

What is your favourite TV programme?

Out & proud – The Real Housewives of Cheshire. I am absolutely addicted to it

What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

Flown into Port au Prince late one Sunday night with no money

Do you have any pets?

We have three dogs, a herd of eleven Dexter cattle, three hundred Romney Sheep & about eighteen hundred pigs, most of which are Large Blacks

What is your favourite brand of jeans?

Angelika Jeans from Anna Montana – I never wear anything else

What is your best fashion secret?

A well fitting bra. Once you hit a certain age the most important part of any outfit becomes what you are wearing underneath it

Where in the world would you most like to go?

Italy. I would like to spend three months travelling from top to bottom

Do you have a secret talent?

Sorry no

What would be your luxury on a desert island?

A bath with an endless supply of L’Occitane Verbena Shower Gel

What would be the name of your autobiography?

Non, Je ne regrette rien

Where are you most happy?

Anywhere I am with my husband,children & dogs.



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