Jewellery Reveal

Jewellery Reveal

We will be styling everything that you see today with our styling videos as we go through spring & summer but you have asked for the heads up on what has been delivered so far & as you know – your wish is our command.

Join us for a whistle stop tour & as one of us will be behind the camera today a bit of a catch up & chat.

As always if there is something that you see that your life is incomplete without I have popped links below the video to our shop. If the item isn’t online at time of publishing it may well be by the time you see this video so have a little look in our shop anyway – if you would rather talk to a human being please give us a call on 01760 724948.

Dante Jewellery

Gold Rose Scroll Long Necklace from Dante £39.50

Cafe au Lait Thong Necklace from Dante £45.50

Brushed Silver Linked Necklace from Dante £33.50

Art Deco Shell Necklace from Dante £42.50 

Silver & Gold Leaf Choker – £24.50 – not online yet

Silver Choker – not online yet

Long Pearl & Gold Ring Necklace from Dante £33.50

Musket Peppered Necklace from Dante £24.50

Long Abstract Bead Necklace from Dante £33.50

Gun Metal Linked Necklace from Dante £36.50

Dansk Jewellery

Small Diamante Earring from Dansk £15

Gold Plated Drop Earrings with Diamante Detai from Dansk £15

Gold Stud Earrings from Dansk £15

Hematite Stud Earrings from Dansk £15

Open Ball Earring with Hematite Plating from Dansk £15

Chain Link Necklace in Rose Gold from Dansk £25

Hematite Chain Link Necklace from Dansk £25

Gold Bloom Necklace from Dansk £25

Silver Bloom Necklace from Dansk £25

Gold Pebble Necklace from Dansk £29

Silver Pebble Necklace from Dansk £29

Gold Sun Necklace from Dansk £25

Silver Sun Necklace from Dansk £25

Rhodium Saracen Moon Necklace from Dansk £19

Rose Gold Saracen Moon Necklace from Dansk £19

Orbit Necklace in Hematite from Dansk £25

Silver Leaf Necklace from Dansk £19



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