Artichoke & Corona Virus Regulations – Update for April 12th

Artichoke & Corona Virus Regulations – Update for April 12th

As you begin to think about shopping on the High Street again we thought it would be useful to remind you of how we try to keep you safe whilst shopping at Artichoke.

Artichoke’s mantra has always been that you should feel good as well as look good and as Lockdown 3 eases we see no reason to change this. We want to continue to make your experience with us as relaxed & fun as it has always been, even if it means a slightly different way of shopping with us.

Please read on to find how we are working in the current situation.

Opening Times

We are open Monday through to Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

One Way System

Whilst we are not operating a one way system, we ask please that you keep a two metre distance between you & other customers.  Only four people are allowed in the shop at one time. Please before you enter the shop make sure there are not more than three customers in it already. If there are already four customers in the shop please remain outside until one leaves.

Shopping with Girlfriends

In order to maintain social distancing we are keeping to a rule of four in the shop. If a group of you would like to visit us & ensure that you can all shop together why not make a group booking with us? This will have to be late afternoon or early evening after the shop has closed but we will welcome any of up to four people group then. Hopefully after May 17th we can increase the numbers allowed as a private party & we might even be able to offer you a glass of fizz!

Still feeling vulnerable?

If you are for any reason still feeling vulnerable but want to visit a ‘real’ shop we are happy to stay open for you after we close the doors at 4pm. The door will be locked but you (& a companion should you wish to bring someone) can have a closed door shopping treat, confident that you wont be interrupted. We also offer virtual shopping for those customers who for reason of distance or convenience prefer to book an Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom shopping or styling appointment with us

Sanitation & Masks

Masks are to be worn at all times by customers in the shop. Members of staff will wear them when customers are in the shop unless they working are behind a screen.

The government policy is for sanitizer to be used before clothing items are touched or tried on. We continue to be concerned about the effect that has upon garments, particularly those made from natural fibres, so instead are asking you to please use the disposable gloves provided for you during your visit.

If do not want to wear the gloves you are still welcome to come in but will not be allowed to touch anything in the shop or to try items on.

Sanitizer is available for your own piece of mind before & after using the gloves.

 Paying for your goods

When you would like to make a purchase we will ensure that there is always a 2 metre distance between the two of us, which may mean we have to ask you to step back at certain times. We would prefer you please if possible to pay by card rather than cash.

Staff Hygiene

Our staff will wash either wash or sanitize their hands or gloves after serving each customer. This may mean that it takes slightly longer for us to be able to serve you so please bear with us.

Customer Fitting Rooms

Two of our customer fitting rooms remain open. We ask that you keep your mask & gloves on at all times whilst you are trying items on. We will ask you to re-hang items yourself before placing them onto a separate rail once you have tried a garment.

Relaxation of Rules

As lockdown rules are relaxed we hope to be able to return to a more normal shopping experience, in the meantime we thank you for your patience & ask for your co-operation in helping to keep all our customers safe.


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