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Glowing Skin Will Always Be In!  As the trend for ‘glow’ continues to grow, we are hungrier than ever for a smoother, brighter, more energised and vibrant looking complexion.

In my last article, I posted about the benefits of Vitamin C in your skincare products and to continue that theme, I would like to introduce you to Let’s Concentrate a high-performance, innovative gel serum enriched with intelligent active ingredients that work to reduce the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation, provide a more even skin tone and bring brightness to the skin for a younger, healthier, more visibly radiant complexion.

Working with one of the world’s leading professors in bio molecular dermatology, four of the key ingredients in Let’s Concentrate were tested and achieved phenomenal results! The combination of Vitamin C (provides for a brighter and healthier looking skin), alpha arbutus (reduces the appearance of blemishes & age spots), a mineral complex and lemon fruit water all work to recharge the batteries of your skin cells (the mitochondria) to provide measurable cell protection and increased cell resilience to environmental stresses.

If that all sounds a bit technical, then in short it is designed to:-

– Reduce the appearance of age spots and uneven pigmentation

– Cleverly shrink the appearance of open pores and leave the skin smoother, brighter and more even

– Help brighten and clarify

– Provide skin with a deep reaching boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

– Be suitable for all skin types

It’s silky gelee texture glides on the the skin smoothly and melts instantly into a liquid leaving no trace or stickiness. It’s absorbed deeply in to the lower levels of the epidermis delivering active ingredients for both instant and long-term results. Moisturisers are only able to treat the surface layers of the skin due to their particle size, but serums are one of the few products that have incredibly small particles that are able to reach the lower levels of the skin.

4-5 drops applied to your face every morning will leave you with happier, healthier, glowing skin which has an improved radiance, with reduced blemishes and breakouts and is smoother and brighter. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and can really feel and see the difference. I also rub any excess on to the back of my hands to help with the age spots there!

For more details or to order, VISIT MY WEBSITE or email me at [email protected]  For all orders placed on my personal website or with me directly by the end of June, your name will go in to a draw to win the complimenting toner – Glowcolic.

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