Lieblings Jeans from Anna Montana

Lieblings Jeans from Anna Montana

In the first week of January 2021 at the height of the third lockdown we were approached by three people asking if we stocked Lieblings Jeans.

I had tried a pair when they were first launched by Anna Montana several years ago but as they were completely the wrong shape for me personally & at the time The Monika Jean (now renamed Julia) which has a very similar shape was one of our best sellers I decided not to stock them. In January I wondered if I  might have made a mistake & ordered three colours from Germany, Dark Blue, Black & Stone Wash.

The jeans didn’t arrive for about a month as Covid was causing problems with production in Morocco, all Anna Montana Jeans are made in the Mediterranean area which means that as well as being a great quality they are also part of a more sustainable & accountable manufacturing process. When they finally arrived our Liebling Jeans were  unpacked with great enthusiasm, they are high waisted, 30″ long & have a bottom & a thigh cut into them, a very similar shape to The Julia Jeans however their secret weapon is the cloth. Made of a cotton,Lyocell, Polyamide & Elastane mix they have a 360 stretch, which apparently is the holy grail in shaping jeans as the denim stretches 4 ways. This means that they are super-comfortable to wear, hold you in, create a streamlined silhouette that’s both slimming and flattering.

The only problem is that the smallest size (unless we pre-order for the season) is size 10 – too big for Donna, but she has her eye on a pair of sizes 8s when the arrive in the autumn – & completely the wrong shape for me so we sent a couple of pairs out to our super models & got Christine to try a pair on as soon as she came back to work.

The Following videos will show you what a smash hit we think they are going to be.

Christine & Leiblings Jeans

Christine is nearly 6″, a size 12 & pear shaped with a waist that we would all kill for & bottom & thighs, She would normally wear a Julia Jean but this is what she thought of The Lieblings.

Sandy & Liebling Jeans

Sandy is has the longest legs in the world, without lockdown pounds she is a size 16 & has an hour glass figure. she is a huge fan of Angelika Magic Stretch but liked The Lieblings so much she bought the pair she was test driving. Result!

Chris & Liebling Jeans

Chris is about 5’6″ & has a tiny waist but would be the first to admit that after years of playing hockey & golf her legs are on the chunky side, because of this, like Christine she would prefer to wear a straight leg jean. The Lieblings are slightly narrower in the leg than her favourite Ronja & Dora jeans so I wasn’t sure what she would think but she loved them & bought them too!

I think that soon The Lieblings Jeans will become as popular as The Magic Stretch & Jump In Jeans which are currently our two best selling jeans. They offer the comfort of a stretch jean with a smaller waistband that sits in the small of your back (providing of course you have a waist that is!) but are cut to accommodate your bottom & thighs.

If you would to talk to us about these jeans before purchasing or would like to us to do a jeans fitting for you either in store, be telephone or virtually please give us a call on 01760 724948 or email us at sales@artichoekcollection.co.uk

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