Meet The Artichoke Girls – Jenny Orhan

Meet The Artichoke Girls – Jenny Orhan

Today we are catching up with Artichoke Girl Jenny Orhan who runs a guest house on the shores of The Agean Sea in Selimiye, Turkey.
As well as answering our usual homage to Vogue’s 73 questions, we hope that Jenny will be able to show us some sunshine too!
This video was organised by two technically challenged fifty year olds (one of whom left her laptop at home which is why it didn’t go live) but although it doesnt look like ‘Wish You Were Here’ as the view is a bit wobbly & the screen goes blank when I speak I hope it gives you an idea of how lovely Jenny’s House is – it has definitely been added to my list of places to go as soon as we are allowed!
Have a look at our article about Jennys House if you would like to find out more about a trip to Semiliye.

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