Ten Styling Tips for Petite Women

Ten Styling Tips for Petite Women

If you are 5’4″ or shorter than you are officially petite.
Many of our customers are surprised to learn that Donna is only 4’11” as she doesn’t look ‘short’ , this is because she is so good at dressing to give the illusion of height.
Today she is going to share with you some of her top tips on what to & what not to wear including a few rules that she always breaks.
The clothes that Donna is using to explain her tips are all from our Spring 2021 collection at Artichoke, as always if there is something that you see that your life is incomplete please give us a call on 01760 724948.
If you would like to make a note of any of the ideas that Donna is talking about I am popping them below the video for you to copy.

Ten Styling Tips for Petite Women

  1. If you want to lengthen your frame do not cut yourself in half at the waist. Either wear items with an empire line to lengthen your legs or tunic length to lengthen your torso.
  2. Wearing monochrome (which means all one colour) is good for petite women. This doesn’t mean you have to wear either black or white but wearing any colour head to toe makes you look taller & slimmer. You can wear different tones of the same colour or different textures of fabric to add interest.
  3. Heels are great for adding height, you can always wear a platform wedge for comfort 
  4. Avoid large patterns & accessories- keep them in proportion to your body so they don’t wear you
  5. You also need to consider your body shape & your personal style when finding clothes that make you feel good as well as considering your height
  6. Avoid oversized clothing – if you love this look  just wear one piece……… Balance is important whatever your body shape but a petite with a chest should remember …..
  7. That if you are wearing a loose or slightly oversized top, make sure that your jeans or trousers are close fitting
  8. Show some skin, unbutton a shirt which will lengthen your torso or wear cropped trousers which will elongate your legs
  9. Make sure your frame is not overwhelmed by fabric, so belt dresses preferably either below the bust or the hips, again to either elongate your torso r your legs
  10. Remember these are tips not rules, as rules are made to be broken!

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