Meet The Artichoke Girls – Tina

Meet The Artichoke Girls – Tina

Tina is the second Artichoke Girl to be profiled in this, our  homage to Vogue’s 73 Questions

She is a superwoman. Married with a teenage son, as well as working at Artichoke she is also clerk to the governors for several local schools & spends most Saturdays tying the knot as she is a registrar. She is 55, 5’3″ tall & a size 16/18. She says the best bit about her body are her ankles (as they are the only thin bit!) the rest of us think that it is her beautiful smile.

So the knicker question. Big pants or small pants?

Definitely BIG knickers

Who is your fashion icon?

Jimmy Choo

What is your favourite label?


What do you like most about your job?

The best thing about about working at Artichoke is helping our customers feel good about themselves.I love showing them how good they can look when they put different items together to make a flattering outfit.

What is your favourite Colour?

I love pinks & purples

Diamonds or Pearls?

Diamonds every time

What is your favourite karaoke song?

Crazy Horses by The Osmond Brothers


Which historical figure would you most like to meet & why?


Heels or Flats?

Flats with a cheeky heel to go out in

What is the biggest surprise you have organised for someone else?

Keeping surprise plans for my best friend’s wedding a secret as well as the fact that I would be marrying them

What advice would you give to your thirteen year old self?

To be brave & not let your size affect your confidence

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

I would love to go to Pompeii & visit The Herculaneum with my own tour guide. Even better we would be the only people there.

At what age were you the most happy?

I think my happiest times were between the age of 30 & 35, although being in my 50’s has it’s merits too!

Which celebrity would be your fantasy date?

Bob Mortimer

What song makes you hit the dance floor?

Anything really – it’s hard to stop me dancing

What is the best thing to do in Norfolk?

Something that every visitor to Norfolk should do is to go & see the seals at Blakeney

What is the best advice your parents gave you?

To follow your gut feeling. (also to wash & wear deodorant!)

Do you have a phobia?

Sorry Donna I am terrified of tortoises! It took me completely by surprise – one day I went to stroke a tortoise & was struck cold with terror.

Do you have any tips about ageing gracefully? 

For me, I feel youngest when I don’t take life too seriously. Laughter, friendships, doing silly things helps me tackle the grown up stuff that we have to deal with.

Is there anyone who inspires you?

Aside from my brilliantly funny, challenging & supportive friends I’m inspired by people like Stephen Fry.He’s battled the odds in many ways but remains passionate, compassionate, witty & has a great turn of phrase!

Do you have a hobby?

I am fascinated by archaeology, the more ancient the better. Anything pre Roman floats my boat. And I tap dance …….

What was your best holiday?

A solo trip to China just before the economy took off. It was absolutely amazing to be in Tienanmen Square before visiting the excavations of the Terracotta Army



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