Our Bit for The Planet

Our Bit for The Planet

Sustainability is no longer a buzz word but an expectation.

Research shows that around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year & as we are constantly reminded the world is getting warmer every summer. At Artichoke we have always tried to source as many products as we can that are manufactured either in Europe or The Mediterranean area & this search continues, we have however been taking a closer look at how we get items to you once they have been bought.

Find out below why we do what we do & how we intend to improve on things:

Why do we use Royal Mail?

We send everything out to you by Royal Mail, second class to be signed for. Whilst Royal Mail are following their own policy to reduce their impact on the planet they are our courier of choice because we can walk to the post office to drop off our IKEA bags full of parcels & we work on the basis that the postie is probably delivering to your house or very near it anyway, so we have by taking this simple step avoided two unnecessary courier journeys.

Why Don’t we offer Free Returns?

Obviously there is a financial consideration but if like a lot of businesses we charged to send items to you & offered free returns as an alternative, we would save ourselves a lot of money.

The real reason always has been to stop people buying items they have no intention of keeping (I am sure you have been behind that woman at the post office counter) & reduce the impact that has on the environment. Instead we call every new customer to check that they know the brand that they are buying, are happy with the sizing, to answer questions they may have & to encourage them to always contact us prior to purchasing any item that they are unsure about. This keeps our returns to a minimum, helps the planet & of course our customers as well.


We are in the process of changing the grey mailing bags that we use. In future they will be made from 25% re-cycled plastic & 100% degradable.


Until now items that we send out to you have either been wrapped in tissue or sent in a new plastic carrier bag. With the exception of Anna Montana all our brands deliver items to us in single use plastic bags , so we have decided to give these a longer life span.

When available rather than popping them straight in the bin, we will now be giving the bags that our stock is delivered in a new lease of life. Unless you specifically ask us not to in the comments section of the order, our parcels will contain new clothes in nearly new bags. If the item is a gift or you would prefer to receive you order wrapped in tissue just let us know. When at certain times of the year, single use bags are not available to re-cycle we will send out your items in the same way that we always have


The wood pulp that our postcards are made from has come from a sustainable forest source

Carrier Bags

We are in the process of moving over to the government’s request that we charge 10p for each carrier bag that we give to a customer in the Swaffham shop. Once this takes place we will be deducting our costs & VAT from the monies that we receive & the balance will be donated to charity.

We will however give you free of charge one of the single use plastic bags that stock items are delivered in.

If you would like further information on how we are trying to reduce the impact that our business has on the environment please email us at [email protected]




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