The Annabel Frilled Shirt

The Annabel Frilled Shirt

Oversized collars are The shirt detail for this autumn/winter. Great if you are six foot tall & nineteen years old with a whippet like figure, not so good if you aren’t. Not wanting to miss out completely on this trend we have introduced the retro look, Annabel Frilled Collar Shirt, a great piece that nods to the catwalk but is more accessible for us mere mortals.

The frilled collar was inspired by The Ruff, a collar most associated with the Renaissance which evolved from the collars of the shirts worn by men underneath their doublets. These collars would have a small decorative ruffle around the top, which would add a bit of visual interest. Gradually this ruffle grew larger, becoming an independent garment that would prevent the wearers doublet or gown becoming soiled at the neckline, very much like our Fenella Frilled Collar Insert.

Eventually going out of fashion (unless of course you were a Scandinavian priest) they had a huge resurgence in Victorian England & became popular again in the 1950’s, 1980’s (think Princess Di) & of course now.

The Annabel Frilled Collar Shirt has been made in Tunisia for us from fabric sourced in Europe. It is a fitted shape (so you might want to consider going up a size) with a stand up frilled collar & frilled detailing on the deep cuffs.

Annabel, co founder of the award winning, online, magazine  Annabel & Grace  has kindly agreed to lend her name to this beautiful garment which we are sure will be a great addition to most wardrobes.

How to Style a Frilled Collar Shirt

  • Under a sleeveless tunic. Give an old tunic a new lease of life by layering The Annabel underneath it
  • Under this season’s must have garment – The Tank Top Pair your  Annabel with this seasons other throw back, this time to the 1970’s & The Tank Top or PopOver
  • With Jeans & a Blazer or Denim Jacket Add an Annabel to your existing wardrobe to give it a 2021 look
  • Under a crew or V neck jumper with the sleeves rolled back to reveal it’s beautiful sleeve
  • With a Long Line Gilet – Team up with another must have this season to create an outfit that will easily move from day to evening just with changing a few accessories











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